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Online Privacy Policy

Online Conflict Resolution Service

A. Introduction
Northern Dispute Resolution Chambers Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy. The objective of our Privacy Policy is to promote responsible and transparent personal information management practices.

B. Our Principles

1. Accountability
We are responsibly maintaining and protecting all personal information under our control.

2. Our Purpose for Collecting Personal Information
We collect personal information to administer the Online Conflict Resolution Service.
In particular, we may collect your personal information:
- to help you decide whether mediation is the right choice for you;
- to provide you with appropriate referrals to other services and information, in order to prepare and support you through the mediation process;

Personal information revealed during the mediation process is protected by confidentiality provisions.

3. Consent
We are committed to ensuring that you are aware of how your personal information is used. When asking for personal information, we will obtain your consent to collect, use or disclose that information for the purposes we identify. Consent may be given orally or in writing. Consent may be implied or deemed to have been given in some situations. How we obtain your consent will depend upon the sensitivity of the information and the purposes for which we will use the information.

You have the right to withdraw consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information at any time by giving us reasonable notice, except where doing so would frustrate the performance of a legal obligation. We will inform you of the likely consequences of withdrawing consent.

4. Limit Collection
We will only collect personal information that is reasonably necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we are collecting it. We are committed to collecting personal information in a fair, open and lawful manner.

5. Limit Use, Disclosure and Retention
We only collect personal information that is reasonable in the circumstances in order to fulfill the identified purposes for its collection. We will not use personal information for purposes other than those for which it was originally collected.

Personal information will be retained only for as long as it is needed, or for as long as required by law, and only for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was originally collected.

6. Safeguards
We have developed and implemented security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity level of the personal information held by us. We require all employees, contractors and volunteers who deal with personal information to be properly trained and to follow our policies and procedures regarding the handling of personal information. We restrict access to personal information to authorized representatives who have a legitimate reason for obtaining access to personal information.

We protect personal information by using locked filing cabinets, secured storage areas and restricted access. We manage electronic information with appropriate passwords and security measures to limit access to only authorized personnel. We review and update our security protocols regularly.

7. Access
You may request access to your personal information held by us by making a written request to Bisson Mediation. We reserve the right to confirm the identity of the person seeking access to personal information before complying. We will tell you if we have your personal information and details of its use and disclosure unless denial is required or authorized by law.

If you can demonstrate an error in the accuracy or completeness of your personal information, we will amend your personal information appropriately.

February 2023