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Online Mediation and Arbitration

Couple Arguing


With the growing use of electronic medium everywhere, Mediation and Arbitration can be conducted online in a secure manner.

The advantages of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) are:

  • Participants can feel secure and safe from confrontations with the opposite party, especially where there is a history of domestic violence.
  • Can share or annotate documents online.
  • User names can be hidden from other participants.
  • Private "breakout" meeting rooms available to discuss confidential matters securely with the mediator or lawyer.
  • Eliminate costs associated with physical meeting rooms and associated travel time and cost, especially where parties are in different geographic locations.
  • A neutral forum when selecting a meeting place proves difficult.
  • We use the popular online meeting rooms as it is secure and the quality of video and audio is much better than other brands such as Skype.

Online Meeting