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Donald Bisson, Q.Med, Q.Arb,, QFAS, FDRP Med, CODR, AccFM is a Qualified Mediator, Qualified Arbitrator, Qualified Family Arbitration Screener (QFAS), Specialist in Family Mediation (FDRP Med), Certificate in Online Dispute Resolution and Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) .

Donald is a member of the following:

ADR Institute of Ontario,
ADR Institute of BC,
ADR Institute of Canada,
Family Dispute Resolution Institue of Ontario - FDRIO,
Ontario Association for Family Mediation - OAFM
Assoc. of Family and Conciliation Courts - Ontario Chapter (AFCC).

Donald is able to support the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities using either technology or an ASL Interpreter.

"As a mediator, Donald has a keen ability to cut to the heart of a dispute and immediately bring parties to understand the practical options available to them in order to reach a compromise. Likewise, Donald tackles his role as an arbitrator using sharp analytical skills to thoroughly and clearly break down the reasons for his decisions. Donald's evidence focussed approach to dispute resolution results in supportable outcomes for the parties involved." - Y.B.